Replacement External Doors & Patio Windows

Construction And Design Features To Look For In Glass Patio Doors

Whether sitting as a family in the kitchen or out on the back patio on a warm night having dinner, the patio door is the main link between the home and back yard.

Replacement External Doors & Patio WindowsWith such frequent use by people, pets, or children, when it comes time to having to replace the patio door, it is important to select a replacement door that is durable, visually attractive, and has both design and security features that ensure a lifetime of low maintenance and trouble free use while also improving the home’s value.

Surprisingly all patio doors are not crafted the same with the same attention to detail, which can be a major pitfall for some homeowners when a poor purchase is made. (here is a price guide)

The first element in choice is the layout of the door, which always has the double door feature but with a variety of handle, lattice and trim designs, and locking features. Each type offers different benefits, with some glass doors offering a more unimpeded view of the back yard or view than others, which are more intricate.

For the greatest structural integrity and long lasting doorframe, rigid multi-chambered PVC extrusions are best, offering high sound and thermal insulation qualities. Consumers should look for precision mitered and heat-fusion welded corners to prevent collapsing.

To prevent unwanted airflow either out or in the home, ensure a high performance dual weather stripping is installed, which helps to minimize air infiltration and also maintain lower home energy costs.

Additionally ensuring that the door is operating on heavy duty and fully adjustable stainless steel rollers will prevent unattractive rolling lines and offering a lifetime of performance. Finding doors with flared interlocking profiles that offer consistent and reliable operation while also providing a tighter seal.

Protecting your home and your most prized possessions, your family and loved ones, is a necessity and not a luxury. Find patio doors that offer a heavy-duty locking system on the interior handle with a secondary locking mechanism to ensure maximum security.

When shopping for replacement patio doors for your home, evaluate options that are Energy Star rated and approved to ensure air retention in the home, a savings on power and an overall higher quality door.

Finding pieces that have most of the design, environmental, and security specifications listed above will result in a better performing, longer lasting, more secure, and more attractive patio door that will also transform the way you view your kitchen.