Prices For Orangeries as Home Extensions

How High is the Cost of Orangeries?

The cost of orangeries are typically more than a conservatory but less than an extension. The structure of an Orangery is traditionally a brick build but with a conservatory feel with glazed windows either on the roof and/or incorporated into brick build. It is deemed more of a solid integral part of the building than just a conservatory.

Orangeries as Home ExtensionsOrangeries have a much higher level of detail than either extensions or conservatories so it is quite possible to pay a similar amount to a quality extension and are fast growing in popularity and becoming the main choice for glazed extensions.

Orangeries can vary greatly in cost depending on the size, build and quality of the structure. The cost that they typically range from are £20,000 at the lower end with figures of up to £100,000 plus for luxury bespoke models with features such as underfloor heating and the ability to have opening windows in the roof for ventilation.

Many companies that build orangeries will offer you a free quote for a modern low cost conservatory who will also offer you a free design. Finance packages can also be offered to spread the cost over a period of time by some companies.

You may need to apply for planning approval if the house is detached and the external brick projection exceeds four metres, or a semi detached house the projection exceeds three metres, or the orangery is to be built on the side of your property and is clearly visible from the road, or if your home is a corner plot and you have two main roads.

It is best to check with the company to get up to date with the planning approval. This will then need to signed off and approved by a building inspector.

This will cost in the range of £400 – £650. You will also need to take into account building regulation costs where you will pay a % fee based on the total build cost.

Any company will usually tell you that it would be impossible to give you accurate figure for a orangery and any websites offering you a price online should be treated with caution as most orangeries and services are bespoke.

Remember to always check costs and make sure they are suited to you.