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Do Casement Windows Provide More Ventilation?

Casement windows are typically characterized by a window with one or more hinges, attached to a frame. The most common type of window used in homes were casements before the rise of the sash window. The consist of leaded glass that had glass pane secured to lead stripes, hinged to the side and opening outward.


Whole Opening

about Double Glazing WindowsCasement windows can be opened much further than any other type, since the entire window can be swung open. These windows shown below have less access in terms of opening.

  • Double-hung style: It can’t be opened fully only the upper and lower half during any one time.
  • Sliding: With this type of window only one side of it can be opened.
  • Fixed window style: These windows do not open as they are fixed.

Casement windows are a popular choice, especially if the size of the window opening is important.


A casement window has a hook shape rooted casement lock which makes breaking into a house a very hard job to do. Other windows like double-hung are easy to break into by inserting a pry-bar underneath the lifting and the sash.

Maximum Ventilation

As the entire window is opened the maximum amount of air flow can be used. It can be difficult to get any air flow if the window blows along your house at acute angles with the amount of windows. As they are opened outwards air that travels along the walls is directed to the house by the sash that is open and can be useful with windows that have a small amount of space.

Ease of Use

To make them easy to open and close they uses a single lever or tandem lever that can be fitted with automatic openers.



It’s great that casements can be fully opened providing excellent ventilation but this can have its downside as its dangerous for small children in multi storey buildings.

Air Conditioning Units

If you have an air conditioning unit it is not recommended to get casement windows as they open outwards and easily allow air to get out.

Size Variety

To support the weight of the entire of the window it must be strong when it is opened. Therefore builders recommend constructing smaller sized casements when compared to other window types.

However, even with some small drawbacks, casement windows are the best option if you want to modernise your home and add a sense of style. check out this comprehensive guide.